Join Menaka culinary art academy, one of the great cookery classes in Sri Lanka to learn innovative culinary activities. Specially, you can learn numerous Sri Lankan traditional cookery methods that keep the taste and goodness of your meals

From Menaka Culinary Art Academy, you can learn different kind of local as well as foreign food recipes starting from Kiri Hodda, Sambal, Ambul Thiyal, Moju, Polos Ambul, Chutney, Achcharu, to Biriyani, lump rice, and various kinds of desserts.

Also we will teach you to prepare Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian mouthwatering foods.

The uniqueness of Menaka Culinary Art has is that we do not use any artificial ingredients; flavors or colorings to prepare these foods and it will be a good advantage for you to learn immense art of healthy cooking.

Cookery Courses




1 Diploma in International
Cookery (Western)
( Duration: 3 months)
A comprehensive course designed with theory and practical  classes to cover 12 modules. At the end of the course, a diploma certification will be issues.

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2 Asian and Chinese
( Duration: 3 months)
A detail course to practice on varieties of Asian and Chinese foods within a period on three months.

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3 Sri Lankan Cookery
( Duration: 2 months)
Over 2500 years of Sri Lankan history, it has dicovered many foods having real nutrition and taste. The Menaka Culinary Art academy has enough knowledge on such foods after doing numerous researches and educations. This course is mainly designed for such unique foods that someone get rear opportunities to learn.

Course consists with:
Curry powders, Rice dishes. Red curry, Pahie, Thilal, Moju, Chutney, Jadi, Sambols, Blarchan, Kalu Pol curry, Desserts, Natural drinks 

4 General Cookery
( Duration: 6 months)
A comprehensive course designed for housewives, and those who wish to expert in cookery as a profession. This course covers almost all the areas of cookery with 24 modules.

Course consists with:
Sri Lankan, Indian, Western, Dessert, Pastry and Bakery products, Lamp rices, Biryani, Nasi Gorang, Mie Goreng, Drinks & Kichen artist.

5 Vegetarian Cookery
( Duration: 2 months)
This course focuses on foods for vegetarians and vegetable lovers to enrich with higher taste and nutrition as similar to other foods.

Course consists with:
Stocks, Sauce, Soup, Curries, Yellow rice, Ghee rice, Friend rice, Noodles, Pastra, Spaghetti, Biriyani, Pastry, Vegetable burger bun, Desserts, Drinks, Sandwich, and Eggless cake

6 Pastry / bakery products
( Duration: 2 months)
An ideal course to learn making pasty and bakery products for international and Asian cultures.

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7 Dessert courses
( Duration: 2 months)
This course coveres varieties of desserts from Asia, Chinese, and Western world. In addition to the taste, course emphasizes the nutrition aspect as well.
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