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Get trained for a rewarding career by joining one of the best academics for cake decorating. Menaka Culinary Art Academy offers a wide range of cake arts that features classic sugar-art techniques combined with modern innovations. You can learn many cake making techniques such as Latest Mixing methods ,Basic Icings ,Birthday Cake, Sugar Flowers, Wedding Cake Structures, Sugar Craft And Many more.

Cake Courses




1 Diploma in Sugar Craft & Wedding Structures
( Durration: 6 months)
A comprehensive course designed to make varieties of cakes, sugar craft, and wedding structures. At the end of the course, a diploma certification will be issued.

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2 Cakes & basic Icing
( Duration: 3 months)
Course coverage:

Butter Cake, Ribbon cake, Marble, Orange cake, Lemon cake, Chocolate cake, Coffee cake, Fruit cake, Sponge cake , Jaggery cake , Love cake, Coconut cake, Date cake, Egg less cake, Carrot cake , Apple cake, Mix fruit gateau, Black forest gateau. Butter Icing, (Hard Soft,) Orange icing, Lemon icing, Chocolate icing, Coffee icing, Fudge forosting, Glace icing, Sugar past, Parchment, Fondant, Royal icing marzipan (Almond paste)

3 Birthday Cakes
( Durration: 1 months)
The course covers varieties of creative Birthday cakes, Royal icing flowers, and Butter icing flowers.

4 Sugar Craft
( Durration: 3 months)
Course coverage:

Dusting method, fingertip method, Air brush methods & including other methods too plaques, sugar ornaments’ & deferent piping methods

sugar flowers and wilton icing flowers, sweet heart , open rose, X’ mas rose , Roses, Carnation, Astromariya, , Singapore Orchid, Lilly, Tiger Lilly, vVanda Orchid, Chrysanthemums, Wild flowers & leaves

Wedding structure :

Brush work, net work, lace work and latest creations
5 Advanced sugar craft course
( Durration: 3 months)
This course is designed specially for students completing the 6 months deploma course.

Course coverage:

Creative royal icing works, plaques, pressure piping birds, flowers & baskets, run-out love birds, freestanding birds, lace parsol, bells, string works, filigree, lettering, lace designs, two tone lace, lace work with chocolate,

6 Cup cake class
( Durration: 1 Day)
The course covers varieties of creative cup cakes.

7 Gelatin flowers
( Durration: 1 Day)
The course covers varieties of creative Gelatin flowers.